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Break Through the
Revenue Ceiling

In today’s world, it’s not enough to aim for 6 figures… It’s time to break that revenue ceiling so you can get what you REALLY WANT from your business.

October 25, 1:00 pm ET

Break Through the Revenue Ceiling

In this workshop, you’ll:

💲Learn what levers you can pull in your existing business to multiply revenues for 2024.

💲Tap into the sales strategies required for this level of leadership.

💲Learn techniques to help you with imposter syndrome and build your confidence.

💲Connect with other women learning these leading-edge sales approaches.

💲Leave feeling empowered, ready to think and act BIGGER in your business!

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Working from Home

You don't need to build new programs, get “sales-ey” or throw all your hard work away because you don’t feel you’re getting enough traction.


You need a clear and proven step-by-step process to follow so your precious time and resources are used most efficiently and drive the results you desire.


It's time to START mapping out a big-picture strategy that will help you focus your time and energy on all the "right things", Visionary! 



Mark your calendar: Wednesday, October 25 at 1pm CST!


So you can Break Through the Revenue Ceiling for your BEST YEAR YET!

We’ll email you all the next steps 😉


Questions? Simply email us at

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