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Does your client really need to see that model or chart?

When you think about it, clients hire us to make their lives simpler - to take what is often a complex process and make it simple for them. Therefore, you could say that many of us are in the business of selling simplicity.

Most clients don’t want to know all the details – that’s why they are hiring us. Yet so often we think that if we wow them with our complex and sophisticated models it will give them a sense of confidence and we will look smart. In reality a lot of models and processes can feel to a client like we are pulling them down into the ditch that they are specifically trying to avoid.

What’s more is that the models and graphs that we use are usually very similar to the models and graphs that our competitors use and really don’t mean a lot to clients and prospects. For this reason, I recommend that you consciously decide whether you really need to include them in your presentation and if so, why? What is your point? If you think reviewing a process or model is important, keep them at a high level on the slide. Occasionally, they are needed to demonstrate that you in fact have a proven process. If this is the case, I recommend that you say that and point out anything that is special about your process; something like: “You should know that we will apply a proven, disciplined process that includes four steps. I won’t bore you with the all the details, but I would like to point out that it enables us to ensure…”

If it is necessary to include more detail, provide it in a leave behind document so that you don’t take up precious face time reviewing details that your client may not want or need.

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