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A Powerful Sales Tool: The hand written note

As emails, blogs, texts and tweets rise in popularity, handwritten notes gain power.

They stand out from the pack and demand the attention of their recipient. Have you ever chosen not to read a handwritten note - probably not. In contrast, when was the last time you chose not to read an email - probably just in the last hour!

Over the years I have received countless emails from people who were in my workshops or keynotes. I have only received two handwritten notes. Both are on my bulletin board in my office and I can tell you the names of the people who sent them.

Handwritten notes help you stand out and send a very strong message to the recipient that he or she is important to you (not to mention it supports the good ol’ United States Postal Service).

Below are four sales situations to consider using them.

1. In advance of calling a prospect. I have had great success getting through to key decision makers when I send a brief note of introduction in advance of my call. Within the note, I tell them why I am calling, when I am going to call and the amount of time I am requesting from them – usually five minutes or less. At the end of that call, if it makes sense to continue the conversation, I will request time on their calendar.

2. As a thank you for a meeting. OK, I know that it is easier to send an email, but that is the point. A note is more personal and much more likely to be noticed and appreciated by your client or prospect.

3. To let a client know that you are thinking of them. A powerful way to foster long-term relationships is to demonstrate that you care about them beyond what they can do for you. A note that accompanies an article, a cartoon, or a token of personal interest like a recipe, book, or photograph goes a long-way in helping you to further your relationships.

4. To get the attention of someone who is not returning your calls or emails. Some of my clients estimate that they get as many as 300+ emails a day. That is a lot to sort through with everything else that is on their plates, so there is a good chance that emails are overlooked. Think about sending a note with a carefully worded message. I bet you will get a response.

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