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Online Class

Not just for the giants anymore.

Our online, comprehensive sales & coaching program delivers our proven methodologies and best practices developed over 17+ years working with Fortune 500 companies.  It is customized to the needs of women entrepreneurs with a keen focus on helping them increase revenues in record time.

...and who better to do it, than a team of entrepreneurs who have been successfully selling to businesses for a very, very long time? 

the sales accelerator

Designed to accelerate revenue growth. 

One step at a time. You will begin by clarifying your mission, which is your North Star -


Efficient self-paced learning

One-on-one office hours for coaching on specific sales challenges

A sales blueprint to apply best practices to your business

A community where we host weekly Q&A, a speaker series and share successes and ideas

It begins by reverse-engineering your revenue goals and developing a growth strategy to get you there in record time.   An interdependent set of strategy, skills and disciplines set the foundation for sustainable growth. 

We couldn't say it better ourselves! 

Thanks, Mark!

Take the first step!

We want to be certain that you will have a significant return on your investment.  For this reason, we ask that companies apply to the program.  The application process is a quick survey followed by a 30-minute telephone call to understand your goals and assess fit. We are excited to talk with you!

Thanks for submitting!

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