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Free Live Webinar

Selling to Businesses

5 Common Mistakes Made by Coaches & Consultants

January 24, 1:00 ET
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Presented by:

Nadine Keller, Founder
Precision Sales Coaching

Nadine has been successfully selling to corporations for over 25 years. Passionate about helping women entrepreneurs accelerate their success, she has combined her experience with her knowledge of selling to create Program Accelerate.

Chris Taylor, Founder

Chris helps coaches and consultants scale their impact and revenue by proving the behavior change impact of their programming.   

Nadine and Chris previously partnered on a LinkedIn Live event titled: How the BEST Consultants & Coaches Demonstrate Value and Close More Sales.

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In this live webinar we will cover...

Selling to businesses can be complex - particularly when selling to large corporates.  Yet, the opportunities for consultants and coaches are significant.  Whether you are currently selling to businesses, or thinking about it, this live webinar is designed to help you understand the challenges and common mistakes coaches and consultants make. We will provide practical techniques and best practices that will enable you to avoid these roadblocks and enjoy greater success when selling B2B.

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